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March 2013



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Mar. 15th, 2013



Sorry guys (if you're still following this), I've actually been back in America for the past two years but only limited my Lj-ing to looking through my Friends page. Whoops. f^^;;

Right now I'm trying to deal with the fact that two shows I've come to love dearly, Young Justice and GLTAS, are airing their series finales tomorrow due to Cartoon Network making horrible decisions.

Hope all is well~

By the way, if you're wondering what other social site I've been on, I think the following gif more than explains it:

it's tumblr time

Jan. 27th, 2011


YO from JAPAN!!! :DDD

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been on LJ at all since I've been in China; I just wanted to let you all know that I've actually been in Japan for the past seven weeks for a LONG winter break.  (Don't ask.) And also...I'm going to go back to China for the next semester tomorrow.

I would talk more,  but it's 2:00 a.m. over here and I haven't really finished packing yet. D: Laterz~

Sep. 7th, 2010


I'm Going Away For a While

Hey, followers.  Once again, it's been a LONG while since I posted on here.  However, I am here not to say what I've done all summer (though I should have), or what anime besides Soul Eater that I'm crushing on now, but rather to give out some unexpected news:

I'm going to China tomorrow.


And no, I'm really not messing with your heads- I'm going to China to study abroad for a whole school year, which for my school means September- April.  I may even get to visit Japan during winter break, which is pretty cool. ^^

The only thing about all this is that, well...I may not be able to come on livejournal during that time, not even to browse my favorite communities.  I heard that China bans a lot of websites over there, such as facebook, youtube, and twitter...and just today I heard that livejournal might be on that list too. :( I sincerely hope that fanfiction.net didn't make it on that list, because if so I may weep for days.

On the off-chance that I get to download manga off an irc while over there...should I? Will I even be able to GET on an irc, what with their limits on google? I know that there are plenty of Chinese scanlation sites, so people over there probably aren't strangers to illegally downloading manga either, but...hmm, I don't know.  Any thoughts before I leave tomorrow???

But overall, I'm really going to miss you guys, and this community as a whole. ;_; I dunno how I'll survive without you guys for so long...guess we'll have to wait and find out.

再见!Zai jian! (Goodbye!)

Jun. 30th, 2010

Blushing Maka

HTTYD, Karate Kid, Last Airbender, and other such updates on my life :D

Well HELLO, nonexistent? readers! Today I'm going to catch up on what's been going on with my life!

Early April: Saw How to Train Your Dragon, and it was AWESOME.  I went crazy after seeing it the first time and bought a whole bunch of soundtrack songs off of Amazon, and later went to go see it a second time.  Dreamworks did a really good job this time around. :D

April 29th: Last day of my first year at Pepperdine University. YEAHZ~

All throughout May: Eh, just chilling and stuff.  Had a strange Dragonball Z obssession- AGAIN- though.

June 9th-12th: FMA fans, me included, went absolutely CRAZY over Chapter 108- the very last chapter.  THough I heard that plenty of people were disgruntled about the ending being "too happy", which sounds kind of silly to me.  After all that stuff the Elric went through, espeically during the recent chapters leading up to 108, didn't they deserve their happy ending? Eh, whatever.  All I can say is, BABIES EVER AFTER FTW!!! 8DDD

June 12th: Saw The Karate Kid in theaters, and was very glad for doing so.  I thought it would be nothing but another "beating the dead horse reboot," but it was very, VERY good. o.o Looks like plenty other people knew that before I did, because all the early shows were sold out and my family and I had to attend a 10:00 p.m. one.  THEN there was a long line leading into the theater itself.  I mean, WOW. o.o

June 28th: Started my Chinese class at El Camino community college.  Since I'm going to Shanghai next year for my study abroad program, I kinda have to start learning Chinese. f^^;;; It's very interesting, though, and the teacher's pretty cool. :D

July 1st: The Last Airbender comes out!! WHOOOT!!!! Now, I know plenty of people are miffed about the casting choices for the main characters- I was too, at first.  But at this point I don't really care about the race of the cast, just the acting skills and how well they can deliver.  So far it looks like Jackson Rathbone is going to be a GREAT Sokka, if all the snarky comments in the clips and commercials are any indication.  And the action looks like it's gonna be awesome too. o.o I hope this does well, for the sake of M. Night Shamylan and the entire franchise and its creators as a whole.  I'm definitely going to see it. 8DD

July 1st - 4th: First time I'm going to go to the Anime Expo for ALL FOUR DAYS!!! WHOOT!!! Bought my ticket since OCTOBER, dude! Plus, I heard the LITTLE KURIBOH is gonna be there! How awesome is that?!!

Well, that's all for now.  I need to do my Chinese homework and look for jobs. :P

Apr. 2nd, 2010


Soul Eater Part 1 DVD Review

What up?

So.  Today I got my Soul Eater Part 2 DVD five days early in the mail, but before I even open my package I figure that I should get to the loooong overdue review of the first DVD.  So...here goes. XD

My review is basically going to be an assessment of the dub voices, starting with...
Laura BaileyCollapse )
Micah SolusodCollapse )
Brittney KarbowskiCollapse )
Monica RialCollapse )

Todd HakerbornCollapse )
Jamie MarchiCollapse )

Cherami LeighCollapse )

Vic MignognaCollapse )
Chuck HuberCollapse )
OthersCollapse )

Laterz~ :P

Mar. 12th, 2010


Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy is AWESOME.

Yo, nonexistent? viewers! Wassup???

*is totally ignoring that it's been about two months since my last  post* f^^;;;

Anyways, right now I am working the 4 am - 8 am morning shift at the student center at my college, and what do I want to to right now? Show how much in love with Star Wars I am at the moment!

Well, at least the prequel trilogy for now.

Now, here's something to understand: I used to ignore Star Wars.  I mean, sure there would be times when I would surf wikipedia on info about it, and I was heartbroken by the doom of the Anakin/Padme pairing, but I never got around to actually watching it.

Then some weeks ago I accidentally saw a clip of it while watching one of JeffPalmer's "The Last Airbender" commentary videos, and I decided to search out clips of the Anakin/Padme pairing.  Then I searched more, saw more...and fell in love with the pairing and by extent the entire prequel trilogy. :P I haven't watched the original trilogy yet except for "Luke I am your father" clips, but I'm thinking of looking into that soon.

Now, here are the stuff I love about the prequel, in order of importance:

Prequel LOVECollapse )

To sum it up, I love the Star Wars prequel trilogy.  When I start watching the original trilogy, it's gonna have some big shoes to fill. :D

And here are the stuff that confuse me concerning the prequel:

Prequel-Related ConfusionCollapse )

Well, that's it for now.  Laterz~

Coming soon: A post on my newfound love with Anakin Skywalker, a long-overdue post on my thoughts on the Soul Eater Part 1 boxset (which I got on my brother's birthday aka four days late because the school's mailing system SUCKS), and maybe some loooong-overdue continuation of the post where I talk about my favorite manhwa.  Peace~ :)

Jan. 5th, 2010


Happy (Belated) NEW YEAR!!!!

So. It's the new year. And what did I do before posting this?

That's right.  Switch up (most) of my icons.   Hooray!!

Some resolutions for the year 2010:

- Get all A's in this semester's batch of classes.
- Save up to $1000 at the least in my savings account.
- Get a good-paying work-study job and non-work-study job.
- Raise enough money for Soul Eater DVD and Anime Expo and cosplay.
- Finish AT LEAST one fanfiction this year. -_-
- Answer or partially-answer at least some of the questions I have about the Bible and religion in general (and hopefully get closer to God while doing so).
- Get very good at Japanese.
- Go to the gym more.
- Get a summer job.
- Do first semester of Chinese over the summer.

Aaaaaand...there you have it, folks!

Some great discoveries/accomplishments of the year 2009:

- Discovered Soul Eater, Kekkaishi, and SO MANY more awesome anime/manga.
- Got a livejournal. ;)
- Started three Soul Eater fanfictions, one of which is completed.
- Graduated high school, went to a university.
- Made new friends, both on livejournal and at my university. :)
- Went to Anime Expo for the second time in my life...and had fun at the event as well. XD
- Met Vic Mignogna and got his autograph at the Anime Expo- the year before I saw him, but when I was in line to get his autograph he had to leave early. :( Still, I succeeded this time around- and got his picture too!!! *_* :OOOOO
- Was introdu
ced to the wonders of Korean manwha, specifically Witch Hunter, Immortal Regis, and Cavalier of the Abyss. :DD

And there ya have it, folks! Once again, Happy New Year!! b^^d

Oct. 19th, 2009


(no subject)

DO NOT READCollapse )

Oct. 17th, 2009


Might As Well Post

Wat up, nonexistent viewers?!!


Um..yeah.  So, I thought that I might as well make a lil'  post here, talking about life and such...

First of all, major need to catch up on my fanfics:

Inevitable Bonds Chapter 3 updated who knows how long ago: community.livejournal.com/soul_maka/28812.html#cutid1

All the current chapters of What Matters Is the Soul: community.livejournal.com/soul_maka/50302.html

For Inevitable Bonds...I'm thinking of discontinuing it.  I'm just too busy with other stuff, and...it's starting to get a bit painful to write.  I will miss it, though. ;_;

As for What Matters Is the Soul, I am writing up several different scenes for Chapter 5.  I seriously want to finish at least ONE of my chaptered fanfics.  I know it can be done, I just know it can!

And for other news...

Right now, I am currently kinda obsessed with two manhwa (Korean manga): Witch Hunter and Cavalier of the Abyss.  Three if you count the latter's finished prequel, Immortal Regis.  They got AWESOME art and stories and- gah, I love them to bits, yo! The pairings, of course, are what caught my fancy.  ;) I wonder if manhwa ever get turned into anime...cuz if they do, these manhwa should defnitely be shoo-ins.

But lesee, the pairings of each manhwa listed here...as well as their summaries:

Witch Hunter: This manhwa is about a witches vs. humans war that is suddenly being declared by the witches themselves.  Unlike Soul Eater, in this universe not all witches are evil- some are even fighting on the side of the humans, for an organization that produces Witch Hunters.  The story mainly revolves around a Witch Hunter named Tasha Godspell and his supporter, Halloween, who is a pumpkin-headed doll that swings around two deadly swords known as Yin and Yang (and, if you want to put it in Soul Eater terms, is kind of like the weapon of a miester-weapon partnership).  Tasha (who looks so much like Allen from D.Gray-man that it's not even funny), is actually very kind to witches and women, though he is a kind of sketchy character who is always greedy for money.  He even shoots at his supporter every once in a while if it annoys him, and Halloween is never above striking back.  Tasha's goal is to find his sister Aria, who turned out to be a witch and was kidnapped by the bad witches to be groomed into evil.  He wants to take her back home to their mother and have her release the curse she had put on him.

Now, as for pairings...there are strong hints of TashaxHalloween.  And no, don't give me that look- there actually is a reasonable explanation for all this.  Around the twelfth chapter or so Tasha breaks off one of Halloween's seals so that it wouldn't die in a fight, and it turned out to be a she.  That's right, Halloween turned out to be quite the pretty girl who still knew how to attempt to whoop butt! Later on we find out that she is actually Mordred, the daugter of Queen Guinevere, and her potential in power is actually very strong.

But as for this pairing, the hints come from small things in the subsequent chapters, such as Tasha blushing when Hallowween is dressed in better clothes and Halloween comforts him about his sister.  And then there's the part when Halloween pushed him out of the way of a dangerous attack and ended up getting herself hurt, but only thought that she was relieved that he was okay and didn't want anything to happen to him, as well as, "What is this strange feeling...I never felt this when I was a pumpkin..." And then Tasha kept insisting "Halloween is mine!" when the knight called Lancelot of the Lake kept trying to take her away from him.  Ladies and gents, I think this'll be a cuuuute pairing. :)

Um...Immortal Regis: Here we see a boy who is around 15-ish named Jae Hyuk.  He lives alone with his little brother, who is sickly and needs constant looking after.  One night his brother is coughing up something fierce, and he rushes him to the hospital in an attempt to get him treated.  On the way there he accidentally comes across a girl his age fighting a monster.  She brings down her huge sword in a big slash, not knowing he was there...and kills him.

He is only conscious enough to see her standing over him, asking if he wants to live...and then receives her kiss.

Later he wakes up to find himself back in his apartment, with the girl and a man (her servant) sitting there to explain that he was now an Undead, and her servant.  And that he can't live in the human world any longer because of that.  Of course he protests, asking "What about my brother?!" and whatnot, but later events makes him realize that since he's an Undead he will keep taking "life energy" from the living, and may end up even killing his brother.  So reluctantly he goes with them to their world, Chaos, but only when he finds that if he collects enough...points was it? *hasn't read it in a while* then he can return to the human world and his brother.

So...lots of events happen, ladeedadeedah...and he ends up with a magic stone who manifests in the form of a girl named Depore.  She cals herself the "Everchanging Blade" because she can manifest into a sword for whoever she chooses as her master, as well as grant him a lot of power.  Of course, she chooses Jae Hyuk.  (And as for her manifested form, think Ren from Elemental Gelade whenever she's in weapon form.  There, but kinda transparent.) And some evil policemen send him to some forbidding tower and...

Argh, sorry folks but that's all for today.  If anyone's even reading this. I need to do some stuff, so I'll pick this up next time...which hopefully won't be a month later. :)

Sep. 14th, 2009



...Yeah, I know.  I am WAY overdue for a journal update.  So HERE GOES:

June 5th (?): Date of my prom.  I ACTUALLY WORE MAKEUP. o.o And I fell on my butt cuz of the slight heels I was wearing. x.x (Go ahead, laugh.)

June 11th: Date of my high school graduation.  It was kinda funny because, when all of us graduating seniors were lined up backstage to go on stage and accept our (empty) diplomas, this one guy named Alvaro was the first one to start crying.  Then other people started crying, and soon we were all getting out of line to hug each other.  ;_; It was a truly tearful and memorable moment.


June 12th: Day we received our actual diplomas.


August 25th: FIrst day at college.  It wasn't really the first day of class- we had a near week-long orientation first.  My parents couldn't pay to stay with me, so I was truly alone.  I told myself I wouldn't cry, but when they left I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. ;_;

Orientation was fun, though.

August 31st: First actual day of college.  I enjoy all my classes, or most of them.  (Into to Sociology is gonna take some more effort for me to actually LIKE it...) My other classes are Elementary Japanese I, Intro to Creative Writing, Western Culture I, and Great Books Colloquium.  I love these classes for sure. b^^d

September 13th: Soul Eater 65 raws, transaltions, and scanlation finally came out.  And wow, Maka was looking good on that color page o.o.  Yays, she's getting more attractive! And WOW, Gopher.  Just wow.  I'll review more on this later (hopefully), but for now I'll just do what every other Soul Eater fan says their flist is looking like: :< :< :<  


Also, I had tried out for some Bollywood dancing, but of course with my limited dancing experience I didn't get in. -_- And the internet browsers (not the connection) on my computer all of a sudden stopped working.  Bummer.

September 14th: My dad's birthday.  And of course, more college classes for me.  I have a lot of stuff to do today, so if I've been ignoring anyone on my flist or yahoo or email, please forgive me! I am SUPER busy at the moment but am learning to organize my time a bit better.  So..., see ya'll!!! :P

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